Butterfly Tours’s Privacy Policy

Butterfly Tours has strongly considered on how to keep your Personal Information privately 100%. After considering the privacy policy from time to time, we have finally come up with a few policies which are guarantee used in our company. We want you to go through our policies intern of our customers in order to understand us or request to whatever you think that it might happen to you in the future. www.butterflytours.asia is the website which is used to offer our services, any further question about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact our privacy officer at pheapmoth@gmail.com

The uses of your personal information

Our booking forms are used to get your detail information on going services that you are booking with us. Your IP address through our site statistic, will not be used by other third parties. Your E-mail address, names, genders, and countries, are kept in our security database and web security. As we do hope that the uses will not be disturbing you, we use your E-mail on the following:

  • Sharing you with our new services, new promotions, and something that may interest you
  • As TripAdvisor is widely known to most of travellers and visitors, we would like to get your permission by giving your E-mail to TripAdvisor Review Alert
  • To carry out internal accounting statistic, administration and survey of our business.

The failures of personal information

As using Butterfly Tour website to communicate with you on providing more details about our services, if you do not give us or complete our requested forms, it will not be able to connect you with our services. It is a must to provide us your name, sex, and e-mail address for making a booking or booking(s), via this kind of personal information will help us to communicate with you easily and work smoothly. We definitely believe that, through this kind of information, you will not fail to provide us.

What if you do not wants us to deliver your personal information as mentioned above uses after using our service(s)

We care you and keep your personal information as secure as possible. On the above Personal Information Uses, are agreed upon your allowance, we will not use any of those in case you contact us for keeping away from above uses. Please feel free to contact our privacy officer at pheapmoth@gmail.com or call (+855) 87 77 55 92. After your request one time, we surely will not use your personal information at all.

Change to this privacy policy

We urge to amend or make new revision to our previous privacy policy, in case we expanding our service or suggesting from our customers as we work to improve and develop our future services.

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