Our Hope to Conserving the Eco-Friendly Tourism and Developing the New Adventures Beyond the Crowds

Linked to finding sustainable tourism products, one would say the majority would come from setting up somethings that feeds the travelers’ needs. But, we are different. We prefer going beyond this ordinary concept. As an operating bicycle tour, we build strong connections with the tourism community, create our own value and let our customers feel they want it. Our journey is for passionate people and is not for amateurs.

As having the increasing numbers of tourists in Cambodia, we have settled for more adventurous activities such as the longest bicycle ride around Cambodia, camping on the top of the national parks, and an overnight stay with the local community. Those activities are combinations of different experiences. Since the beginning of exploring the new adventures, we are proud that the larger numbers of tourists and our tourism stakeholders are deserving of the impacts. This allows us to clearly indicate the positive growth in our tourism journey.

Kampot is our beautiful tiny town that hopes to increase millions of tourist coming to visit every year. With its run-down French-era buildings and mellow spirit, Kampot is popular as a starting point for Bokor National Park and the ruins of the grand, colonial-era casino. Through development in this area, local people gain high hope to level their economics income through having job opportunities in these industries as well. Yet, the major concern is that this development comes with some self-serving interest of foreign investors. These include the exploitation of low-cost labour and creating jobs for mainland workers abroad rather than employing locals.

From the first beginning in Battambang, the second journey which has now become the head observer in Siem Reap, and the youngest home in Kampot, we believe to strengthen this recent challenge through setting up a more comfortable and responsible private business sector. Butterfly Tours is striving to conserve the remaining resource of our cultural landscapes, mainly in the coastal community. Recently, we are working with few NGOs and the community based-eco tourism in Kampot. The concept is how we can help to promote the tourism community and the areas around making sure that the benefits also generate to the local. Visitors will soon get to experience Kampot and other areas beyond the crowds in the very unique way. For example, we are launching our overnight experience which includes various activities of Kampot and Kep in between in the middle of March. Visitors can also stay tuned with our other new tour products on our website www.butterflytours.asia.

Our largest pleasure of all is to see how much pleasant our experience is for the customers and that it puts a smile on their face during the journeys. For that, the power to develop the new adventures – we deserve!


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