Moth Pheap Founder, CEO
Pheap founded Butterfly Tour in November 2012 after recognizing the need to address the high unemployment rate among Battambang city’s youths. Armed with a desktop computer and a bicycle donated by his university professors, Pheap taught himself how to set up a website, and with that, began conducting tours around the Battambang countryside for curious visitors.Today, Pheap’s humble start-up has grown to include a fleet of 50 bicycles. Besides leading the Butterfly team, Pheap is also passionate about creating opportunities for local Cambodians to become employers and entrepreneurs themselves—an important avenue for Cambodian ownership and independence.While you may not find Pheap leading as many tours these days (he’s mainly confined to the office, attending to day-to-day matters!), you might find his friendly face popping up at the Siem Reap or Battambang office. Be sure to say hi!
Chhai Bunsorng Chief Executive Officer (COO)
Bunsorng is known as our handsome boy! Can you guess why? 😉 Bunsorng spent much of his life in a village, working on a farm as a tractor boy (which explains his physique!). After completing high school, he received a scholarship to continue his studies at a local university, an opportunity that has brought him a step closer to achieving his dream—to play an active role in the development of his local community.As part of the Butterfly team, Bunsorng enjoys practicing English with the people he meets on tour. A quick learner, Bunsorng is now a team leader at our Siem Reap branch, efficiently leading many of our team meetings.
Tim Sam Ath Sales Executive
Hello, I’m Sam Ath! Prior to joining Butterfly Tour, I studied at the University of Battambang and secured a job as an assistant to the President of the university. In 2011, I switched positions, working closely with the US Embassy in Phnom Penh as an American Corner Coordinator.Despite my job security, I harbored dreams of becoming a young entrepreneur. In 2014, I made the decision to leave my job to join Butterfly Tour, where I began working with like-minded young Cambodians as a tour guide and team member. I learned many things in my exciting new role, eventually becoming the general manager of Butterfly Tour’s Siem Reap branch. Although this role keeps me busy, I still lead tours from time to time (and if you’re lucky, you might even be entertained by my singing while on tour!).
Koeun Vanna Branch Manager
Though appearing quiet and assuming at first, Vanna is the leader of our Battambang team! He is currently a fourth-year university student majoring in Agriculture, but he loves leading tours as much as he does his course!Vanna has been with the Butterfly team for more than two years. Diligent and hardworking, our only vegetarian of the Butterfly family (!) brings great humility and compassion to our team.
Mes Rithy Team Leader
Hello everyone! My name is Rithy and I was born in Pursat province. I was a buffalo boy for almost my childhood life. I have worked on a farm helping my family planting rice for nearly 5 years. To seek for education, I decided to become a monk as I need enough time to study. Being a monk around two years and a half, I defragged the monkhood and came to the city. I began working with Butterfly Tours in 2013 ever since. Working with Butterfly Tours has been sharpening my knowledge and English language, to be honest, I couldn’t speak English at all when I began. But after two years of self-discipline, commitment, and practicing now I become a tour guide at Butterfly Tours, Kampot. I speak pretty good English which I can show you more about the daily life of the Cambodian people as I am one of the rice farming children. So, I know quite well about the countryside life’s style. I am very happy to meet you and ready to show you around.
Sokha Lyda Accountant
Hello, I am Lyda or call me Sokha! I’m 21 years old. I was born in the heart of Siem Reap city. Though learning at school poses some complexity, learning from anyone is a part of grading my self-discipline. I spend my class almost from anyone around me; my mother, friends, and teamwork. They a lot inspire me to come who I am. I am grateful that I have twisted my fate by joining with Butterfly Tours where I could broaden my relevant fields in the university. I do belive in managing my daily tasks at Butterfly Tours initiate straitly to my future goal. My ambition is to become a responsible businesswoman. I hope my small country will land a great move from having more local tourism tradings. Big Thanks!!!

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