Discount Tips

Between Dried and Wet Season – 10%-30-OFF

April to June in between dried season and rainy season! During these periods you will find so much funs riding off-roads through tinny villages and other adventure activities to do! Seeing farmer activities and take this opportunity to learn from them.  May to June, the rice field begins to change its color of dried and hot to be wet and green. Join an encouraging ride and receive various discounts on tours, homestay, activities, and taxi from 10% to 30%-OFF.

Lush Green Season – 10%-30%-OFF

Sept to Oct is the lush green season all over Cambodia. Best opportunity to take great photography and dig into the stunning landscape of Cambodia’s hinterlands. Here is the rainy season, we do not guarantee whether it rains in the morning or afternoon. But if you do cycling tours, I am sure you will find lots of funs. Riding under the rains can be another fun thing to do if you are a big fan of outdoor experience.

Weekend Fun – 10%-20%-OFF

We encourage riders who take their weekend for sport times. Most of the tours and activities on our platform are adventures, and sporty. Getting the sweat on the weekend and be healthy! Find tour and activity with huge discount rates from 10% to 20%.

Afternoon Golden Hour – 10%-20%-OFF

It’s a bit hot when you begin the tours, but it’s a golden hour to grab the opportunity of taking wonderful photos. If you wake up late in the morning and still have time to do some activities and tours in the afternoon, we also give an array of discounts which you will find its best price ever offered.

Butterfly’s Appreciation – 10%-20%-OFF

Clients who have joined our tours, homestay, activity, and taxi. When you signed up and did one of our activity and tour, book through our platform, you will get an e-card and print card with a huge coupon discount code. Find it useful for your next friend who you want them to experience like what you have done with us. Note: this card valid only online booking not agency booking!

Family Loves and Cares – 30%-40%-OFF

Butterfly loves kids and really care when you sign up every single tour with us. We appreciate your effort and willing to join a sports tour, and activity. On this appreciation, we offer big discount for kids 0-5 years old – 40%-OFF and children from 6 to 17 years old: 30%-OFF. If you find it useful, get an authentic experience with us now!

The student with an ID Card – 10%-20%-OFF

Do you know what’s? Butterfly was established by a university student. And it has been striving so hard to continue its journey. We understand what we used to be. We love education, and yes… Butterfly has grown so far from its birthplace. Yet, we still give lots of opportunities and especially providing discount rates for you for any season all year round. Request us and send us an ID card, you will get a discount on some specific activity and tour between 10% to 20%-OFF.

Traveling with a Group of 5 People – 10%-20%-OFF

Yes, you are on the right target that we can offer a discount from our original price. We are happy to have a group of 5 to 8 people or even more, and we can separate into two to three group depends on a number of your groups. We ensure the quality of the tour, and activity and make sure that you will gain a memorable trip. Request coupon code discount from 10% to 20%-OFF.

Cambodian ID Card – Up to 40%-OFF

We are Cambodian booking platform company! We encourage local tourist to travel and experience something different from what they used to do. We encourage young Cambodia to do the more sporty activity. And Yes, on our platform we provide huge discount up to 40%-OFF. Sign up and a book with us to get an amazing experience.

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