Siem Reap’s Office

If you prefer to book with us directly, do refer to the Google Map of our Butterfly Tours office. We are located in Charming Tourist Market, T-60 building.

Tel: (+855) 86 95 95 69



Kampot’s Office

Walk about 5mins from Olympic Stadium, or 5mins from the bus station.

Tel: (+855) 93 77 55 92


Battambang’s Office

Butterfly  is located on Street 309 the right hand of Dambang kronung statue about 20mins and at the East of the Sangke River, Battambang, Cambodia. If you want to book and find our place please visit us on street 309, close to crossing Street 308. Street 309 is a small gravel road.

Tel: (+855) 89 29 70 70