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How does it work?


Be a trip inspired!

Are you a trip inspired? A trip inspired can be a local tour operator, localhost (homestay), activity provider and transportation (taxi, and tuk-tuk). Do you want to share your trip inspired with our client?


Add your trip to inspire the traveler

When you got username and password, you are ready to add your service. We will email you user and password which you can change any time. Your trip will take up to 48 hours before it goes live on our platform.


Receive a constant booking

Providing your inspirational trips to our clients with competitive prices. Do your best and be professional to gain more future customers. You get an email or phone notification when there is a booking.

Share your authentic experience with the traveler

Why should you become a trip inspire?

Digital Economy

Time to earn income through the digital platform. Your service must be unique!

Wide Networking

Connect your inspired trip with wide networking and digital media.

Be a trip inspired

Offer your authentic experience and be ready!


 How will I receive my payment?

Butterfly Tours (“Online Booking Platform”) sends out payments each month via direct deposit, and our standard payment schedule is based on the customer’s month of travel. Payments are typically made within the first 21 business days after the end of the settlement period. Depending on what currency you’re paid in, the settlement period is either calendar month (e.g. January 1 – 31) or mid-month ending on the 15th (e.g. January 16 – February 15). Traditionally, USD and Reil currencies have used the calendar month settlement period.

When payments are made, it means they’ve left our account and are awaiting acceptance by your financial institution. It generally takes 1-3 business days for funds to appear in your account, but timing can vary by institution. We, unfortunately, can’t see or control what happens to the funds once we’ve made a payment, and any questions about funds after this point should be directed to your financial institution.

How do I update or block my availabilities?

We offer a trip inspired the self-access and control to their service or product. When you receive full-booking, you can go to your service or product calendar to block. And you also can update your service or product availability by yourself.

How do I create a service or product?

Butterfly Tours’ booking platform accepts service and products as the following requirements. Your service or product must be among the top 10 performance. We have four different categories. (1) Experienced Tour must be unique and offer an authentic experience. We do not accept any trip that harms the environment and gives a bad effect on the local community. (2) Authentic Homestay: we encourage the local host to join our digital platform and share the home and livelihood experience with the traveler. (3) Activity: in this platform is limited not to accept a similar activity. In one location, the activity is unique and having the best performance. (4) Taxi or Tuk Tuk: our idea is not to reduce traffic jam in Cambodia. As we see so many tuk-tuk drivers calling the customer in the public area, and it one reason to cause a traffic jam. By joining with our digital platform, the driver will be easy and just be ready when they receive a booking. They have time to prepare and be professional. Customer will not afraid of ripping off, and robbery as each driver registered on our platform is recorded their IDs.

How do I increase saling rate?

Price is competitive! We encourage to update and offer a discount to attract more bookings. You can log in and start to offer any promotion on any day.

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